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  • Jess Hadford-Crook, MA, LPC

How to Find the Right Therapist

Starting therapy can be an overwhelming task for most. Where does one even start? Especially if you are starting therapy for the very first time, it can be hard to know how to begin. Here are some tips on how to find a therapist in your area and what questions to ask to better determine if they are the right fit for you.

1. Internet search – Most therapists will have a website or an on-line profile of some sort. Simply putting in a Google search for “therapists near me” is often a good place to start. PsychologyToday is also a wonderful platform that allows you to filter for exactly what you are looking for. Make sure to read reviews as well. If a therapist has poor reviews with details as to why, I would suggest considering someone else.

2. Ask your doctor - Often times our other medical providers have a long list of qualified therapists and other healers in your area. Don’t be afraid to ask.

3. Call and email – When reaching out to a new prospective therapist, consider calling and emailing, this ensures that they therapist will get back to you as soon as possible.

4. Request a consultation – Many therapists offer a free consultation, usually ranging between 15-20 minutes. This is a great opportunity to get all of your questions answered and determine if the two of you are going to make a good fit before you invest financially. Most importantly, does this seem like someone you feel comfortable opening up to?

5. Confirm they are a licensed therapist – Ask your therapist what their licensure is and don’t be afraid to ask about their background and other areas they specialize in. The therapist you plan to see needs to be licensed in the state that you live in. Also ensure that you are meeting with a therapist, not a coach if you plan to address mental health issues. You can confirm Colorado state licenses here.

6. Understand cost – All therapists should be forthcoming with their session rates and all fees associated with their services.

While starting therapy can be daunting, it can also be so rewarding and beneficial in helping you move forward with your personal goals. Hopefully these tips help you to find the right therapist for you.

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