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Client Reviews: Testimonials

My life has been forever changed from working with Jess.
I have struggled nearly my entire life with Depression and had received help from a number of doctors, in-patient care, out-patient care, therapists, counselors, groups, etc. with little to no real effect on helping with my depression.
It wasn’t until I started working with Jess that I really discovered how to identify and let go of the things in life that were holding me down and aggravating my struggle with depression. She helped me HEAL from past traumas, not just how to deal with the effects of it.
For me, depression is a life-long battle and I have worked with Jess for the past 3 years where she has helped me cope with everything from how much depression sucks, to dealing with break-ups, to family interactions, to looking beyond my old self-beliefs. Even when I’m in a “good place” she helps me learn from it and how to manage the feelings/issues around it.
Jess has a unique way of listening and guiding you through your own thoughts so that you can effectively articulate and understand what you are feeling and what’s going on, but she’s direct about it (no soft questions like “how did that make you feel”) - She is some sort of emotional-ninja that can get the tough stuff out of you and help you let it go or put it back together so it doesn’t hurt. Plus I’ve never had to remind her of a past event in my life or who a person is or why something is difficult for me – she takes a vested in the person and so she not only gets to know you, but she also comes to understand you in ways I’ve never experienced before (and never want to lose!).
When I first met with Jess, I very quickly realized that she was more insightful, knowledgeable, and compassionate than anyone I had ever received help from before. She has literally saved my life.


I have been working with Jess for a few years now and I cannot begin to express how helpful and amazing she has been! I have worked with many counselors in my life for multiple struggles including depression, anxiety and trauma processing, but none have been able to help to the degree that she has! With techniques like EMDR as well as verbal processing and support I have felt like we have the opportunity to use a variety of tools to really address the core issues I need and want to work on. Jess creates such a warm and comfortable environment where I have felt safe to open up and be vulnerable in order to heal even from the beginning. Thank you so much, Jess!

- A.E.

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