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Frequently Asked Questions


What are your fees?

Initial intake sessions are $160 for a full hour.  
Additional sessions are $150 for 50 minutes.  
If client is a minor and parent feedback sessions are offered, these will be scheduled for an hour at the $160 rate. 
90-minute sessions can be scheduled upon request and will be charged $240.
Cash, check, credit/debit cards, and HSA accepted.

Do you accept insurance?

I am currently not on insurance panels and do not accept insurance directly.  However, I am more than willing to provide insurance friendly billing forms for those who have out-of-network coverage, to be submitted by the client.  Payment is due at the time of session and reimbursements from the insurance company will be made directly to the primary insured.

How long are sessions?

Sessions are typically 50 minutes, once a week.
90-minute sessions can be scheduled upon request. 
Twice weekly sessions can be offered if necessary given the needs of the client.

How many sessions are required?

This is dependent on a case to case basis determined by your treatment goals and history.  I will offer my opinion on what I believe would be beneficial for you to meet your goals, however, ultimately you are in charge of how long you want to engage in therapy.

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