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"What we don't need in the midst of struggle is shame for being human." 

- Brene Brown

Individual Counseling: Services

Individual counseling is offered to teens and adults.  Counseling has many benefits and can be used to address several issues including: anxiety, depression, life-transitions, self-esteem, toxic relationships, trauma, poor attachments, abandonment, grief, mood instability, and boundary setting.

Counseling is also used to help individuals reach a greater sense of healing, wellness, and resiliency through intentional self-reflection.  Individuals are always developing their identity and sense of self, as well as seeking a sense of control.  Individual counseling can help you connect with this process in an authentic way.

When you seek counseling, you should feel empowered to explore the areas of your life that you want to improve.  This is an open space to explore all areas of your life and create your own personal growth goals.  

Counseling often begins with establishing a strong relationship, developing effective tools and resources, and further exploring roadblocks in a collaborative environment. 

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